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Shilla Fire VALVE & CONNECTOR Product


RING VALVE (SLB-R40 / SLB-R65, Fire Hose Extension Valve)

The ring vlave for fire hose is very convenient for quick application when hose extension is required after initial long-dis- tance water supply by immediate closing and connecting the hose additionally to open the valve. The fire hose extended in length can prevent malfunction of the valve when going up the alley or building stairs and having the handle stuck on the obstacles of corners. Also, the high water pressure supplied from the fire truck can be reduced between the hoses to prevent risks from the high water pressure. This valve for hose extension is safe and convenient.


Size : FE40,FE65(FXM)
Material : Aluminium
Working Pressure : 2MPa
Working Pressure : For hose extension , Open/Close
Working Pressure : No protruding lever and lightweight.
patented, KFI certified

BALL VALVE for Lightweight Hose (For Hose & Nozzle)

The ball valve is connected between the fire hose and nozzle. When hose extension is required, the valve can be closed for hose extension, and the nozzle Open/Close can be enabled quickly. The ball valve is a lightweight and convenient valve that can respond quickly to the changes in the fire site.

Model Size Material Test
Remarks Add to
SLB-40P NH1-1/2” (F) x NH1-1/2” (M) AL 2MPa For nozzle,
pistol-type rigid
black color
SLB-65P NH2-1/2” (F) x NH2-1/2” (M)
SLB-40S NH1-1/2” (F) x NH1-1/2” (M) For nozzle and
hose connection
For hose extension,
KFI certified
SLB-40 NH1-1/2” (F) x NH1-1/2” (M)
SLB-65 NH2-1/2” (F) x NH2-1/2” (M)