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Shilla Fire Monitor Product


MONITOR VALVE (Ball Valve & Butterfly Valve)

The valve is for water open/close of the monitor, and ball valve is mostly used. Also, butterfly valve is occasionally used depending on the site.

Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Material Remarks Add to
SL-48MB-2 ANSI 150# 2-1/2” KS 16K 2-1/2” Cast Iron · Test Pressure : 2MPa
· Finishing : Red or Yellow
SL-48MB-3 ANSI 150# 3” ANSI 150# 3”
SL-48MB-4 ANSI 150# 4” ANSI 150# 4”
SL-48MF-V 2-1/2”, 3”, 4” CC & SS

Monitor Stream Shaper

The stream shaper is installed and used in the middle of the monitor or nozzle.
Inflow of foreign substances is prevented, and vortex of the firefighting water occurred while passing through the curve section of the pump and pipe is removed to prevent scattering of water, and large amount of water is reaching to the target point.
When the amount of water is low, depending on the type of nozzle, minimum 15% water supply distance is improved.
The product is manufactured in lightweight coated aluminium or bronze with excellent corrosion-resistance.

Monitor Elbow

To connect the monitor to the hydrant, the cast iron
or ductile designed in lightweight with excellent material strength of monior elbow is used.
The small-size monitor or non-standard product requiring adjustment in height and length is manufactured in carbon steel. The inside is applied with electro-deposition coating or tar-epoxy coating to prevent corrosion.

Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Material Remarks Add to
SL-44L-S 2-1⁄2” Flange#150 ANSI 2″, 2-1⁄2”#150 Carbon Steel Test Pressure : 2MPa
Finish : Red or Yellow
Inside: Electro-deposition
coating or Tar Epoxy
SL-44L ANSI 4″ #150/#300 ANSI 2-1⁄2”, 3″, 4″ #150 Carbon Steel
SL-44LAD ANSI 4” #300 ANSI 4” #150 Ductile
SL-44LED ANSI 4” #150 Ductile

Monitor Leg

There is a folding support for the portable monitor and straight support for fixed monitor.

Classification Material Weight(kg) Application
Add to
Foldable Type AL&Carbon Steel 5.92 SL-20S, SL-20A, SL-21A
SL-25S, SL-25A
AL&Stainless Steel
Fixed Type Carbon Steel 1.75