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Shilla Fire FOAM EQUIPMENT Product



It is a line proportioner type movable foam mixing device, which includes a mixer for low flow rate less than 1000LPM used by connecting a fire-fighting hose between a pump or a hydrant and the foam equipment, and a mixer for high flow rate up to 350GPM ~ 750 GPM. Though 3% of foam ratio is standard, it is possible to attach a foam regulator for 1% or 6% for regulating the flow rate from 3% or 6% to 1% ~ 6%. It is also equipped with a device for preventing backflow of water into the foam solution. As pressure of water reduces by 30~40% when passing through the mixer, the pump pressure should be maintained sufficiently.

Size : 1-1/2”
Flow Rate : 200 LPM @ 7 barg.
Material : Bronze
Applicable : SL-17 Series, SL-31-4, SL-31-3SS
Option : PICK-UP HOSE, 1% – 6% regulator
Remarks : Includes a valve for preventing a back flow.
Size : 2-1/2”
Flow Rate : 400 LPM @ 7 barg.
Material : Bronze
Applicable : SL-19MS, SL-31-5, SL-31-6
Option :PICK-UP HOSE, 1% – 6% regulator
Remarks : Includes a valve for preventing a back flow.
Size : 2-1/2”
Flow Rate : 950 LPM @ 7 barg.
Material : Bronze
Applicable : SL-19M
Option : PICK-UP HOSE, 1% – 6% regulator
Remarks : Includes a valve for preventing a back flow.
Size : 2-1/2”
Flow Rate : 1900 LPM @ 7 barg.
Material : Bronze
Applicable : SL-16NW, SL-16JNW, SL-16JN
Remarks : For Monitor



It is a fixed type mixing device installed in the middle of the foam equipment pipe and is a bronze material mixer.
It has a structure where it sends pressurized water through a proportioner and generates pressure loss through Venturi action due to difference in flow velocity for inhaling the foam agents and mixing it with water. Though around 40% of loss may be caused due to the Venturi tube, the structure is simple, installation cost is low, and easy to use.
It can be made into 1%, 3% or 6% mixer according to the type of foam discharging device. Also, it is possible to attach a regulator to adjust the rate between 1% and 6%. When the discharging rate of the foam equipment lowers than the appropriate flow rate of a mixer, it may cause backflow due to back pressure, so a valve for preventing backflow should be installed on the inhaling line.

Model Size Flow Rate
Material Remark Add to
Inlet Outlet
SLP-6-9 PF 1-1/2”(F) PT 1-1/2”(M) 150 – 300 265 Bronze Test Pressure : 20 barg
Painting : RED or YELLOW
SLP-10-25 PF 2-1/2”(F) PT 2-1/2”(M) 300 – 1000 384
SLP-30-40 PF 2-1/2”(F) PT 3”(M) 1100 – 1500 470
SLP-45-55 PF 3”(F) PT 4”(M) 1490 – 2080 510


It is a mixing device that utilizes the inhaling force of the pressurized water pump of the fire engine and is installed between the discharging pipe and the inhaling pipe of the pump. It is possible to inhale the high flow rate foam agents with the inhaling force generated when pressurized fire water passes through the Venturi tube of a mixer in the discharging pipe and the strong inhaling force of the pump inhaling pipe compared with the size of the mixer. Also, the inhaling performance is stable even when the discharging amount of the foam equipment changes. It is mainly used in high-performance chemical vehicles or fire-fighting pump vehicles, and has a regulator that allows to regulate the inhaling amount suitable for the flow rate of the foam discharger.

Model Size Induction Rate Flow Rate
Material Remark Add to
SL-30C-1 PF 1” 3% 300 ~ 2850 BRONZE For fire Truck
6% 300 ~ 1350
SL-30C-2 PT
NPT 2”
1% 3000 ~ 27800
3% 1000 ~ 9260
6% 500 ~ 4630


It is a general fixed-type mixing device installed and used together with a bladder built-in foam tank which is fire-fighting equipment of petrochemical plant or storage facility.
When the foam liquid is stored in the bladder of the foam liquid storage tank and the pressurized water supplied through the inlet pipeline of the mixer is injected outside the bladder of the tank, the pressure in the tank rises and the foam liquid in the bladder flows through the pipe connected to the inhaling line of the mixer, which is mixed with water passing through the Venturi tube of the mixer to be discharged through a foam discharger. The performance is stable only when the discharging amount of the foam discharger is maintained above the minimum flow rate of the mixer. If it exceeds the maximum flow rate, the discharging performance may deteriorate due to low level of air intake of the discharger. So, it is essential to select a suitable mixer.

Model Line Size Flow Rate(LPM) Remark Add to
Water Foam Foam Ratio 3%
SLP-65FP 2-1/2” 1” 300 ~ 1070 BRONZE
SLP-80FP 3” 1-1/4” 920 – 2340
SLP-100FP 4” 1-1/2” 1710 – 4550
SLP-150FP 6” 2” 1135 ~ 6700
(600 ~ 10500)
SLP-200FP 8” 2-1/2” (3215 ~ 18925)


It is a fixed type foam mixing device installed with the bladder bag embedded-type foam tank, and the range of use is more diverse compared to existing mixing devices.
Also, this mixing device is improved with performance to maintain the stable mixing ratio. The diaphragm cylinder is installed in the induction line of the foam liquid on the mixer to control the suction amount appropriately according to the changes in the flux and pressure. Also, the induction is enabled in constant ratio to mix the foam stably in
high flux for more effective fire extinguishing.

Model Line Size Flow Rate
Dimension(mm) Material Add to
Water Foam A B C D
SL-DP-80 3” ANSI 1-1/4” 200 ~ 2200 296 140 62 127 Bronze
SL-DP-100 4” ANSI #150 2” RF,
KS 10K 50A RF
770 ~ 6100 312 150 62 157


FireDos is a mechanical device driven by pure water flow that does not require electrical energy. It is designed to maintain
a constant mixing ratio by a water motor that drives a specially designed pump in which the foam liquid is mixed with water and transported.

1. It is possible to mix water and foam liquid at specified mixing ratio regardless of back pressure, length of piping, viscosity of foam liquid, and flow rate of fire water.
2. It does not require separate power supply and can be used regardless of explosion / non-explosion area.
3. Mechanical (non-motorized) mixing principle that obtains rotational energy as the fire water passes through the water turbine
4. When the water turbine rotates for one turn, a foam pump discharges foam once, 1: 1 quantitative mixing method. It is a pure mechanical mixing device that mixes the foam accurately according to the number of cylinders of the foam pump.
5. Principle of driving the foam pump by using the affinity of the water pipe flowing through the drive unit by the water engine’s driving power.
6. A foam tank (non-bladder type) stores the foam liquid and facilitates filling the foam during operation.
7. Low pressure loss, vertical / horizontal / parallel installation available.

Facilities to be applied
1. Refinery/ chemical plant, semiconductor plant, plant factory, shipyard, oil storage, marine facilities.
2. For extinguishing B-grade fire in places such as fire engines, buildings, machine rooms, mechanical parking station and etc.
3. Production facilities, research facilities, medicines, agricultural fields and etc. which require accurate mixing ratio.

Model Water Flow
Rate (LPM)
Connection Size Max.


Approval Add to
Aluminium Bronze
SL-FD-1000 SL-FD-1000B 180/1000 2-1/2” ANSI #150 RF 1.6 5C°
SL-FD-1600 SL-FD-1600B 180/1600 4” ANSI #150 RF
SL-FD-2500 SL-FD-2500B 250/2500 4” ANSI #150 RF
SL-FD-4000 SL-FD-4000B 500/4000 6” ANSI #150 RF
SL-FD-6000 SL-FD-6000B 500/6000 8” ANSI #150 RF
SL-FD-8000 SL-FD-8000B 500/8000 10” ANSI #150 RF
SL-FD-10000 SL-FD-10000B 500/10000 12” ANSI #150 RF

FireDos Structure


1. Design exclusive for foam liquid

The mixing pump driven by a water pump is self-driven type and can transport even the most viscous foam liquid without restrictions.

2. Driven only with water

It requires no electricity and therefore, no emergency power is required.

3. Maximum operating range

The required mixing ratio is useful from the lowest water flow rate. The mixing ratio is always maintained accurately throughout the entire operating range. It is also substantially unaffected by the pressure of the water line.

4. Easy operation

FireDos requires only a few ball valves such as a vent to operate.

5. Robust and long-term use

Only the best materials and parts are used, and all pressure parts are made of test pressure 64 bar.

6. Quickly responds to water flow

The water motor starts to operate as soon as water flows, activating FireDos. There is no valve to be operated, therefore there is no room for malfunction.

7. Discharges accurate amount of mixture

The mixing pump does not discharge more than required amount. The remaining foam liquid remains in the tank.

8. Quick installation and start-up

All parts are factory-tested and airtight tested. On site, water motors are assembled to the piping and no special fixing devices are required. The mixing pump is fixed with the foam tank through a suction line and a return line, requiring no additional devices. It can be started immediately after instal- lation and does not need to be regulated any more.

9. Mixing ratio test

It is possible to test the accurate mixing ratio without using the foam.

10. Continuous operation

As it can replenish foam liquid any time unlike a bladder tank, it is possible to continue to extinguish fire.

11. Change of foam liquid

As FireDos can use any type of foam liquid, it is possible to change into any other types of foam liquid at any time.

12. Application to any types of fire-extinguishing

System without limitation – sprinklers and deluge systems, dry & wet extinguishing system and etc.

Example OF FireDos Installation


Foam regulator

It is a regulator for an eductor, a line proportioner, or a pickup-type foam nozzle, which includes 2 types of regulators including one for 3% or 6% and one for regulating from 1% to 6%. The material is brass or aluminum.

Check valve for preventing backflow

It is installed on the foam pickup line such as an eductor or a foam nozzle. It is a valve to
prevent water from entering inside the foam
liquid storing container by blocking water backflow generated by back pressure or valve lock-up.


Pick-up Line for drums & AIR VENT

It is convenient equipment that can furnish a drum for storing foam liquid next to the foam monitor installed around the dangerous
materials and connect a pickup hose for drums to the foam nozzle
for fixing and installing to quickly respond to fire.
It should be installed with an air vent for drums for use. (Refer to a catalogue, special part on page 12.)


It is a hose to inhale foam agents for an eductor, a line proportioner or a pickup-type foam nozzle. As it is not distorted by the inhaling force, the process is smooth. Also, it is possible to visually check whether it inhales the agents or not. Proper amount of foam liquid can be inhaled only when using proper size of hoses based on the flow rate of the mixer and the nozzle in order to maintain the performance of the mixing device.

Size Flow Rate
Add to
20A 250 or less
25A 350/ 500
32A 750
40A 1000