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Shilla Fire FOAM EQUIPMENT Product



Water-based film foam agent
(for cold weather, for ultra-cold weather)

A foaming aqueous film agents based on a fluorinated surfactant. Discharged foam covers the combustion surface to block inflow
of air, and at the same time, the aqueous solution that is reduced and discharged from the foam forms a thin film on the surface of combustible liquid, suppressing vaporization of fuel and preventing re-combustion.

Alcohol-type foam agent

It is an agent for extinguishing fire caused by alcohol made of special surfactant, most suitable for stockpiling combinate that requires large amount of firefighting agents. It is an agent that com- plements existing products. It has no deterioration and odor, has long shelf life, and is used in the range of 3 – 6%.

Synthetic surfactant foam agent

It is a firefighting agent based on the special synthetic surfactants mixing foaming agent, foam enhancer and stabilizer. It is excellent in fluidity, and can be used for both low and high expansion. This foam agent has finally established the high-expansion foam method.

Maintenance of foam agents

1) It must be stored within the operating temperature range.
2) It should not be mixed with other agents.
3) Do not store it for a long period after mixing it at the use concentration.