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CEO Greeting

Shilla Fire is striving for a safer world. We are growing into a leader in the 21st century with the support of our customers and partners.
Thank you very much for visiting the website of Shilla Fire.
Since the establishment in 1975, Shilla Fire is doing our best for the development of fire safety industry.
Shilla Fire has received international recognition for its unremitting efforts and technology development, and many products are exported to all over the world.
Shilla Fire will continue to play a major role in protecting human life and property by researching and developing products with high quality and practical and safe products.
In addition, we will do our best to be a company with strong international competitiveness by rationalizing management and improving quality.
Thank you for your support at all times and we will do our utmost effort with passion.

Sincerely yours,


C. E. O Jeong Gyu Lee